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Not open for physical access : How to resolve this issue?

asked 2021-04-22 12:22:51 -0500

Khwrwmdao Basumatary gravatar image

I am looking for help. I have run the network in PSS/E through python. I got the initial condition, OK but afterwards, it is saying that not open for physical access. I tried to resolve it but fail to resolve it.

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Are you opening a file in the script?

perolofl gravatar imageperolofl ( 2021-04-23 05:33:36 -0500 )edit

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answered 2021-04-23 09:25:04 -0500

jconto gravatar image

Contact PTI if your issue is related to the following (from the PTI PSSE support site):

"Dyntools error for PSS®E 33.12 – “Not open for physical access error” / “GETOUT”

Modified on: Tue, 8 Oct, 2019 at 2:58 PM

Attached zip file below contains an executable that will resolve the issue ”Not open for physical access error / GETOUT”. After downloading, unzip and place the dynOutx.exe file in the PSSBIN folder (by default, this would be located at C:\Program Files (x86) \PTI\PSSE33\PSSBIN). Once in the PSSBIN folder, run the dynOutx executable as administrator (i.e. right click, run as administrator) and then launch PSSE to see if the issue is resolved.

This executable will be modifying the registry, specifically an entry that relates to using *.out and *.outx files. Once this change has been made, you should no longer receive messages relating to GETOUT.

dynOutx.exe: "

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