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Series Capacitor/ Reactor

asked 2021-01-29 15:38:16 -0600

wayne850306 gravatar image

I have several questions related to series capacitor/ reactor:

  1. How to identify series capacitors in the network, are all the branches with negative inductance a series capacitor.
  2. Is that possible a adjustable series capacitor have positive inductance.
  3. There's a dynamic model for series reactor (CRANIT), is there any dynamic model for series capacitor.
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answered 2021-11-28 04:37:11 -0600

Ackurdeeve gravatar image

updated 2021-11-28 04:37:49 -0600

yes, a negative value means series capacitor. you may try to use a capacitor connect with a larger variable inductor in series to simulate the dynamic model.

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answered 2021-10-25 17:21:41 -0600

Steve Musa gravatar image

Did you get an answer to this question

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