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Weird behavior with Battery Energy Storage / Wind Models

asked 2020-11-17 16:30:55 -0500

battsRcool gravatar image

Hello Good Folks of psspy, I'm working on a model for a battery energy storage system using the in-built REGCAU1, REECU1, and REPCAU1 models. A third party is getting different results than me when running this script (I am using PSSE v34.7.0 and they are on v33.12 only difference).

Would someone be so kind as to run the attached script (preferably in v33.12) and advise if the results match those shown in the attached pdf (only difference is Kqv parameter in the REECCU1 model adjusted from 10 to 0). (download link for files as I don't have sufficient points to upload files yet, prefix with https :-)

If you're not accustomed to operating PSSE from the PSSE application, see below:

  1. Open PSSE application
  2. Navigate to I/O Control menu on top menu bar
  3. Select "Run program automation file"
  4. Change file extensions in lower right to ".py"
  5. Navigate to the attached file and run it
  6. When complete, navigate to file -> open -> plotbook and select the bess_lag.out file
  7. Go to plot tree tab in the study explorer
  8. Expand channel files -> besslagrun
  9. Add the "POWR 99998 to 99999 CKT 1" and "VARS 99998 to 99999 CKT 1" and "VOLT 99999 [UTIL 138]" channels to the plot
  10. Compare plot to bessscriptresults.pdf attached.

  11. Close PSSE

  12. Open the Bess.dyr file in notepad (or file editor of your choice). 13 Change the first entry on the third line of the REEC model from 10 to 0.
  13. Repeat the above steps and compare to bessscriptresults.pdf attached.

Do they match???

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answered 2020-11-18 09:15:59 -0500

jconto gravatar image

In v.33.12, the playback dll is part of the internal library, so the external version is not needed, also, the plb file name is restricted to 2 chars. Rerun your set up with these updates.

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Thanks Jconto, good note on the playback dll. For the character restriction, I've not had any issue running files greater than 2 characters in length, so not sure about that one but we'll try.

battsRcool gravatar imagebattsRcool ( 2020-11-18 16:05:22 -0500 )edit

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