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PV generator system simulation

asked 2020-06-03 09:57:09 -0500

edalveta gravatar image

Hi everybody

In trying to do a dynamic simulation in PSSE of a PV generation system. For the PV generator I choose those models Generator: REGCA1 Electrical: REECB1 Auxiliary control: REPCA1

However, I still have some questions related to the simulation process: 1. What do i need to connect the models? is required some additional configuration or when you choose them for a machine they got linked? 2. Where can I writte the active power cmd or reactive power cmd on the REPCA? Do I writte those commands in the VAR(L+3) and VAR(L+1) registers of the REPCA1 model?

Any suggestion or hint would be very appreciated. Best regards.

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answered 2020-06-03 10:39:56 -0500

pff gravatar image

These models don't need additional configution to be linked to the machine. In the dynamics data you indicate the bus and machine. If you want to change Power, in the REPCA model Fflag has to be 1 and you can modify VAR(L+), note it is in pu (/MVAmachine). For Q, ICON RefFlaf must be and VAR(L+1) is in pu too.

P and Q will be the machine ones if you do not monitored any Branch or the power through a line if you monitored one (ICONs M+1, M+2 and M+3)

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