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Where can I find good tutorials to initiate python with PSSE?

asked 2020-05-09 07:03:36 -0500

Siam gravatar image

I need to work on my thesis and I need to work things with python. Any suggestions will be valuable.

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answered 2020-05-11 06:48:49 -0500

drsgao gravatar image

Learn Python the general programming language before going into the specifics for PSSE.

Start by learning PY3. Then find out what's different PY2, since you probably need PY2 for PSSE (version dependent).

PY2 is obsolete.

PY is easy. There is freebook, 'Automate the Boring Stuff with Python', which is a good start.

Programmers tech themselves, just as academics in academia. Since you are in the area of research, sure you are familiar with the latter. The rest is practice and learn from your peers.

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answered 2020-05-10 21:12:49 -0500

jconto gravatar image

updated 2020-05-10 21:15:50 -0500

Steps to PSSe + python proficiency:

1: Learn python.  The net has many tutorials.
2: Learn PSSe.  Memorize all the PSSe command (= activities) needed to do 'something'.  Record your PSSe session to python.  Review the PSSe manuals.
3: Learn the PSSe python API (most of PSSe commands in step 2 have counterpart in the API)
4: Search this forum, the net, college websites, gibhut, etc. for discussion or python code on related topics for your thesis.
5: go to 1
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