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How to compare two .sav files?

asked 2020-03-10 17:21:00 -0500

med2 gravatar image

I thought there was a built in function in PSSE 32

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answered 2020-03-11 04:01:58 -0500

drsgao gravatar image

Besides what @perolofl has mentioned, you can also use the tool that this forum provides (though there are some small bugs in it). There is also a GitHub repo with some small improvements done.

Note that the aforementioned methods have their own constraints. I remember that if, say like a busbar is in SAV1 but not in SAV2, then the comparisons for that busbar would be blank or something like that. A more reliable, but more work-intensive way is to extract the info you want in both SAVs via Python, and then compare them using the data type "set" in Python. A good example of this way is ETYS Appendix B from the National Grid (UK). This is the way employed by a certain TO for ETYS 2019.

Also note that, if you want detailed diff status, e.g., added, removed, changed, then you probably need to use the said work-intensive method (most of time just added and removed would be enough).

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answered 2020-03-11 01:13:32 -0500

perolofl gravatar image

Yes, there is. Go to File menu, Compare, Powerflow Cases.

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