FILEINFO.DLL loading issue followed by rdchrawversion giving error 4

asked 2020-02-04 08:09:06 -0500

paulTheEngineer gravatar image

Hey all,

I've a strange issue. I've written a script that works fine on my PC setup.

However, when I've gone to run it on another computer, it loads the initial raw and seq files of a case, but then gives an error 4 "error opening temporary file" when I'm trying to run rdchrawversion. I've tried do this with rdch too and it doesn't work. Similarly it doesn't seem to be possible to create saved version of the cases.

One difference between my PC and the other is that there's a message after psseinit() is called that says FILEINFO.dll did not load properly. This seems to be an issue of looking at PSSBIN for this file but it appears to be present.

I've checked the file path and version number and they all appear to be okay. Similarly have been able to manually use the rdch file with no errors in the PSSE GUI.

Bit stumped here. Would appreciate any help,

Thanks, Paul

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