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PSS/E version V33 Vs. V34

asked 2020-01-15 04:22:37 -0500

adnene gravatar image

Hello, According to your experience, which is the best version of PSS / E V33 or V34 ? thanks

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answered 2021-08-19 08:02:24 -0500

PSSE version 34 will leave devastated and angry, it crashes almost everytime, some single line diagrams get corrupted..these version is botched.

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answered 2020-01-16 03:29:37 -0500

drsgao gravatar image

This is more of a compatibility question. If you work in a corporate environment, then you would need to make sure that everyone is using the same version since these are two major versions and have a lot of difference, including how the licences are managed. There are differences to the APIs and things like how the mapstrings are formatted.

If you are using it for research, then v34 may be better just because more bugs have been fixed (but there are some regressions) and some features have been added.

Also, be aware of the Python version supported. v34 supports Python 3, so if you must use Python 3, then you must use v34, though a lot of bugs have been reported with this PSSE version. One thing to note that is that Python 2 is now officially obsolete. You can of course continue to use it, just bear in mind that no bug fix or new developments would be added to Python 2.

Another thing is to do with the GUI/SLD, where if you use v33 on win 10, then you may have blurry SLD and it could take a long time for the SLD to respond to commands. Siemens claims that v34 is better for this issue but I still see problems reported on this forum.

For detail improvements of v34, you can contact Siemens and request a copy of the release note. It's a big document.

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answered 2020-01-15 06:26:20 -0500

jfconroy gravatar image

With every version of PSS/E there are generally some improvements to make the software easier to use. However, you have to keep in mind what version of the software is being used by your colleagues and/or your clients. If you're using a different version than other people that you are working with then that can cause you some difficulties.

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