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Where can I download PSSE version 34 for students?

asked 2019-11-20 02:14:11 -0500

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Where can I download PSSE version 34 for students?

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answered 2019-11-21 13:44:27 -0500

ademuth93 gravatar image

"PSSE Xplore" was a version of PSSE limited to 50 buses, generally intended for students I would think.

I googled PSSE Xplore, and the pages that come up do not link to the software; instead, they lead to an unrelated page on the Siemens web site. I wonder if Siemens discontinued Xplore for some reason, or maybe they took it down temporarily to prepare a new PSSE v35 Xplore.

You could try contacting Siemens at the support email listed on this page:

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Thank you!

AJ Tong gravatar imageAJ Tong ( 2019-11-22 01:03:27 -0500 )edit

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