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PSSE is outdated

asked 2019-10-16 14:44:04 -0500

maryam gravatar image

Hi all, I use the psse student version. But, it give me this error. PSSE is outdated psse is terminated its appears that this version is outdated please download the new version on the website
and when I download the new version in the mention website, it also give me the previous errors. Does anybody know how to solve it? Thank you.

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answered 2020-03-19 20:01:04 -0500

Gary22212 gravatar image

you may create a download order and then obtain the new Xplore version from

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answered 2020-03-16 14:08:05 -0500

This is not a solution, but works, change the system date in order to fool the system..

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Asked: 2019-10-16 14:44:04 -0500

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