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delete the message at academic version

asked 2019-09-02 10:59:24 -0500

Rashid gravatar image

Hi all, Does anybody knows how to delete the message at academic version? the message like this: "PSS(R)E Version 34 Copyright (c) 1976-2019 Siemens Industry, Inc., Power Technologies International (PTI) This program is a confidential unpublished work created and first licensed in 1976. It is a trade secret which is the property of PTI. All use, disclosure, and/or reproduction not specifically authorized by PTI is prohibited. This program is protected under copyright laws of non-U.S. countries and by application of international treaties. All Rights Reserved Under The Copyright Laws." Thank you so much

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answered 2019-09-03 04:16:14 -0500

drsgao gravatar image

You mean the PSSE console text output or the figures you made using the PSSE Python modules?

The text output you cannot suppress. For the figures, you can convert the data to excel and then plot them using matplotlib or pandas to get rid of the Simens stamp.

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answered 2019-09-02 20:52:03 -0500

patrickrossiter gravatar image

This message appears in the commercial version as well. I don't think it can be removed.

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