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Write two WIPCMD(I) and WIQCMD(I) arrays with one WAUX

asked 2019-08-27 10:33:34 -0500

sofiguer gravatar image

Hi everyone!

I will try to explain my doubt with an example.

I have build my own WAUX (Wind auxiliary control) UDM model and placed it in bus bar No 100; for example; and also I placed the UDM renewable generator associated. For control of the generator I am writting WIPCMD(I) and WIQCMD(I) arrays with the WAUX results. This is working perfectly.

Now, I have to connect other UDM renewable generator this time in bus bar No 200, and I need to control this generator, as the one placed in bus bar 100, by writting its WIPCMD(I) and WIQCMD(I) arrays with the values of the WAUX placed in bus bar No 100.

Do you know if is possible to write WIPCMD(I) and WIQCMD(I) of renewable generator in bus bar 200 with the results of the WAUX placed in bus bar 100.?

Thank you in advanced.

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answered 2019-08-27 20:43:55 -0500

txc gravatar image

updated 2019-08-27 20:44:12 -0500

The question is not clear, however it seems that you want to control the udm generator model through another udm model (which probably I am guessing is the power plant controller). If this is the case, your objective can be easily fulfilled. All you have to write the ppc model is as a bus based model and the interface to send signals to the udm wind generator model would be what is known as an auxiliary signal model. It's similar to using the plntbu1 model , which is a ppc bus based model which can send control signals to the regca models through the reax4bu1 (type 4) or reax3bu1 (type 3) as in the psse library

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1/2 - Hi @txc I already made the interface between the auxiliary signal model with the generator udm inputs (WIPCMD(I) and WIQCMD(I)). The issue is I connected another generator udm (this one does not have any auxiliary control) and I updated the auxiliary control to send the WIPCMD(I) and WIQCMD(I)

sofiguer gravatar imagesofiguer ( 2019-08-28 10:25:57 -0500 )edit

2/2 @txc signals two this second generator but I do not see any control. I have tried with other generator udm whose have the inputs defined as VARs and if I placed a second generator works as fine, but the issue is when the inputs are defined as arrays.

sofiguer gravatar imagesofiguer ( 2019-08-28 10:29:11 -0500 )edit

You can make use of other wind arrays like wndsp4 arrays. The argument of such arrays is wind machine index

txc gravatar imagetxc ( 2019-08-28 20:34:58 -0500 )edit

Hi @txc I found how to write both renewable generators using just one WAUX :D Thank you for your replies!

sofiguer gravatar imagesofiguer ( 2019-08-29 06:11:15 -0500 )edit

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