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I have a FR testing simulation for GTs. The simulations are to be done for different ramp rate ( /- 0.1/0.2/0.5 Hz ramp and /- 0.5/1.0Hz steps). Can I use the PLBVFU1 model for this purpose?

asked 2019-08-01 09:58:03 -0500

KS gravatar image

updated 2019-08-01 10:11:36 -0500

If the model can be used where do I put the different ramp rates/steps? I very much appreciate insights.

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answered 2019-08-01 11:16:29 -0500

jconto gravatar image

Short asnwer is yes, PLBVFU1 can be used to model frequency ramps.

The PSSe manual 'MODELS.pdf', Generator models section, describes the parameters of the model. For FR testing, if you have the corresponding V values at each F value, use those V values, else, I did use 1.0 pu for all values of the V column with no simulation complains. I prefer to have the values for F in the 60 Hz range, not in p.u. You can build the PLB file in excel first, and get a graphic view of the ramp for F and then save it in CSV format, with extension .plb

Also check the post "Example using PLBVFU1 playback generator" for additional info.

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Thanks a lot @jconto - that was helpful. In the example file, a load of approx. P= 1MW and Q = 0.3MVAr has been attached. Why do we need this? To change the frequency to +0.1Hz from 60 Hz, I would imagin in the plb file, we need to put 60 Hz for 1 sec and then change to 59.9 Hz after that?

KS gravatar imageKS ( 2019-08-01 14:37:12 -0500 )edit

Since this will be a ramp, I probably need to input the frequency such that the frequency will go to 59.9Hz in in 2s?

KS gravatar imageKS ( 2019-08-01 14:39:32 -0500 )edit

Also, my GT has PSS attached to it. Is it absolutely necessary to model the PSS or can we just discard PSS for the FR testing? I'd appreciate your view.

KS gravatar imageKS ( 2019-08-01 14:42:19 -0500 )edit

Can we also do this simulation manually without using python?

KS gravatar imageKS ( 2019-08-01 14:44:14 -0500 )edit

Load modeling not needed unless to adjust MW where the power is measured. If no V data, a fixed V is used, therefore there is no pss modulating effect on it, then a pss model does not affect the output of the machine being tested. Run manually? run all the steps in the python code in the GUI.

jconto gravatar imagejconto ( 2019-08-01 19:07:59 -0500 )edit

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