PATH error in dynamics studies

asked 2019-05-14 13:05:15 -0500

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Hello! While trying to compile the dsusr.dll with version 34 and IVF 19.0.203 I'm having the following error: ------------- PSS(R)E 34 Environment settings

Fortran PATH paths: None

Visual Studio PATH paths: None

Fortran LIB paths: None

Visual Studio LIB paths: None

Failed to add VS and Compiler paths to local PATH and LIB environment. Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1965, in OnIVFSelectBtns KeyError: 'latest'

I tried to add Visual Basic 2017 to the Path but it didn't work, and in regards to the fortran compiler, I don't know where is located. Any help will be much appreaciated. Thanks, regards

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I solved it. I have the PSSE Version 34 and I found in the folder C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\psse_env_manager the guide PSSE Environment Manager.pdf where it says that for this versin I needed to install de IVF 13 (Not the 19 as I had try previously) and the Visual Studio 13 (not the 17).

rafaels100 gravatar imagerafaels100 ( 2019-05-20 11:37:40 -0500 )edit