Hi guys, How do i activate a python.exe file to run externally PSSe?

asked 2019-03-22 02:46:20 -0500

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updated 2019-03-22 02:51:47 -0500

I created a python program to run multiple load flows using PSSe and extract losses - The program works as .py file. I then created an exexutable version of the file to be used on computers that do not have all the required python libraries to run the program - This is where the program gives me an error :

*License data for C:\Test\build\exe.32-2.7\LossCalculation.exe could not be found in the Registry. Please activate ACTV <activation-string> LossCalculation.exe *

I activated the file but still get the same error.

Please help.

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Python code that calls PSS/E will not execute on a computer that does not have a licensed version of PSS/E installed.

jfconroy gravatar imagejfconroy ( 2019-03-22 03:33:53 -0500 )edit

The Computer has PSS/E installed but does not have some python libraries such Numpy, etc. Instead of requiring every user to install all the libraries I used, I created the executable file. I hope this is clear enough

EagleEye gravatar imageEagleEye ( 2019-03-22 04:01:23 -0500 )edit

My advice is to create an executable that uses the python libraries but not PSS/E. If that executable works correctly, then you know that the problem is with PSS/E.

jfconroy gravatar imagejfconroy ( 2019-03-22 05:35:18 -0500 )edit