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Dyntools Overwrite Excel Sheet

asked 2018-03-21 19:44:01 -0500

camerond12 gravatar image


I am using dyntools to output data to excel.

dyntools.CHNF.xlsout(xlsresult, channels=[], show=False, xlsfile=xlsoutput, outfile=outfile, overwritesheet = True)

This is the code I am using, I believe that overwritesheet = True should overwite sheet1 every time I run the script.

I currently need to delete the old excel sheet every time I re run my script or else the excel workbook will create new sheets of the same data, which causes the file to become huge.

What should I do?


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answered 2018-03-28 19:42:35 -0500

haveityourwa gravatar image

if you also have lots of sheets you could delete a folder and remake it instead of each sheet,

if os.path.exists(PathDir + r"\sheets"):
    shutil.rmtree(PathDir + r"\sheets")
    os.makedirs(PathDir + r"\sheets")

Tried this as a comment but no formatting was available. Sorry if you got spammed with notifications of me changing the comment a bunch

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answered 2018-03-22 02:20:05 -0500

camerond12 gravatar image

I think that this overwritesheet = true option will overwrite latest sheet if it is called more than once during simulation.

In my case, I am re running the script rather than using the dyntools command more than once in the same script.

To overcome this, I check for and delete existing excel file in directory by adding the following code just before using dyntools.CHNF.xlsout(..)

if os.path.exists(xlsoutput):
   except WindowsError:
      print 'file is open'
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