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governor response test

asked 2017-09-19 12:15:10 -0500

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I designed the governor model considering deadband and ramp rate(set the value on valve velocity pu/sec).

So, I want to check this model to validate the deadband and ramp rate of governor.

How can i test this model? Can I simulate use Grun(Governor response test)?

Can you tell me the method in detail? I never use Governor response test. So, I can't understand how to use it. (I already tried to read manual)

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answered 2017-09-19 13:00:48 -0500

oppossumX gravatar image

Grun is a tool to evaluate governor response to a step change in loading. It can be useful for evaluating governor control parameters.

  • in the governor response window select the bus number of the machine to be tested. If there are multiple machines at the bus and you only want to test one make sure the others are off.
  • select some initial loading in pu. and step size.
  • I usually run for 10 sec and look at the Pmech and Speed response to the step change in loading.

From these results you can determine things like ramp rate, % overshoot, rise time, settling time, and steady-state error that can help evaluate your governor control parameters. By exporting the results to a csv file you can use something like MS Excel to calculate these results. I would try to play around with initial loading and step size to see how your governor deadband changes the results. (ie. what is the largest step size that results in no change in output from the governor response test?) In my experience governor deadbands can be quite small.

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