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the function of conec.for in user written model

asked 2015-12-02 03:40:34 -0500

zju_gan gravatar image

updated 2018-02-09 14:36:45 -0500

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hello all: I have written a model which role is to raise voltage of generator when there is a bus fault. and it is called by conec.for. when i finish the "DYRE" ,the conec.for is like below:



  CALL GE_SCLCAP       (     1,    47,    17,    18)




Do i need to write some codes to tell the pss/e about the output of " GESCLCAP" in conec.for ? I have defined variable USCLCAP in program GESCLCAP,and i need to use variable USCLCAP in user written program 'GE_AVR' which is a program of excitation system model .

When i need to use the variable USCLCAP in GEAVR, how can i get its value in GE_AVR?

thank you!

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answered 2018-02-12 00:22:29 -0500

perolofl gravatar image

First: CONEC and CONET subroutine was used in the old days of PSSE to call all models. Nowadays, all models can be called directly in PSSE (Table driven dynamics) and the models can be directly seen and parameters edited in spreadsheets. Any CONEC-type of code should now be written in a miscellaneous model with IC-code 512. By doing so there is no need for compiling and linking after activity DYRE.

In your case I get the impression that you have one user-written exciter model called GEAVR and another model called GESCLCAP which you intend to call in CONEC.

If you have the source code for GEAVR you could implement the code of GESCLCAP in GE_AVR and there is no need for a separate model to handle the behaviour during a bus fault.

An alternative, if there is no PSS connected to the actual generator, is to define GESCCAP as a stabiliser model and use VOTHSG(MC) to transfer the value of USCLCAP to GESCLCAP.

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answered 2015-12-02 03:58:46 -0500

zju_gan gravatar image


this answer tell us how to conect two modules in pss/e .however ,if i want to conect two modules ,such A and B.The modules output is a variable U_SCLCAP,and i put it in var(L),how can i use the var(l) in B module?

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