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How to modulate the governor or exciter of generator in PSS/E for dynamic simulation?

asked 2015-03-03 10:31:13 -0500

Reza2015 gravatar image

updated 2015-03-03 10:34:16 -0500

I am kind of new in PSS/E but here is my question:

I have a single machine infinite-bus, how can I modulate the governor or exciter of machine with a sin wave when I am doing dynamic simulation?

I found out that change_gref can change the value of the element of the GREF (governor reference). But I am not sure if I can use it to modulate the governor with sin wave.

Here is my python script:

psspy.newcase_2([0,1], 100.0, 60.0,"","")



psspy.buschng3(1,[i,i,i,i],[ 100.0,f,f,f,f,f,f],_s)

psspy.buschng3(101,[i,i,i,i],[ 100.0,f,f,f,f,f,f],_s)


psspy.branchdata(1,2,r"""1""",[i,i,i,i,i,i],[f, 0.2,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,_f])

psspy.branchdata(1,2,r"""2""",[i,i,i,i,i,i],[f, 0.2,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,_f])

psspy.plant_data(1,0,[ 1.0, 100.0])

psspy.machinedata2(1,r"""1""",[i,i,i,i,i,i],[ 50.0, 10.0,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f, 0.2,f,f,f,f,f,f])

psspy.plant_data(2,0,[ 1.0, 100.0])

psspy.machinedata2(2,r"""1""",[i,i,i,i,i,i],[ 50.0, 10.0,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,_f])

psspy.loaddata4(2,r"""1""",[i,i,i,i,i,i],[ 100.0, 50.0,f,f,f,f])"""C:\Users\m\Desktop\Test\SMIB.sav""")




psspy.conl(0,1,1,[0,0],[ 100.0,0.0,0.0, 100.0])

psspy.conl(0,1,2,[0,0],[ 100.0,0.0,0.0, 100.0])

psspy.conl(0,1,3,[0,0],[ 100.0,0.0,0.0, 100.0])




psspy.machinearraychannel([1,1,1],r"""1""","")# Angle M1

psspy.machinearraychannel([2,7,1],r"""1""","")#speed M1

psspy.machinearraychannel([3,1,2],r"""1""","")# Angle M2

psspy.machinearraychannel([4,7,2],r"""1""","")#speed M2

psspy.voltageandangle_channel([7,4,2,1],["",""])# Voltage and Angle Bus 1

psspy.voltageandangle_channel([9,6,3,2 ... (more)

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answered 2018-08-31 03:04:07 -0500

jfconroy gravatar image

You can write Python code into a loop,where you are running the simulation from one time step to the next, and then changing the value of GREF in accordance with the sine function (which is a function of time of course). It's not a very elegant solution, but at least writing the code into a loop means that it will not be too verbose.

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answered 2018-08-30 08:06:04 -0500

eve gravatar image

I think the only way you can simulate a governor with sine wave is to write a sine wave function and apply the corresponding value to the Gref. I simulated a customized Gref before in this way. Gook luck.

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