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How to choose parameters of FACTS for reactive power compensation?

asked 2014-10-28 05:24:07 -0500

christanbull86 gravatar image

Dear friends,

Please help me how to choose values for parameters of FACTS device ( I use STATCOM for my solution) suitably in PSSE such as: P Setpoint (MW) Q Setpoint (Mvar) Bridge Max (MW) V Term Max (pu) V Term Min (pu) ... I will highly appreciate your help. If you have any experience about choosing value of reactive compensators for power transmission line, please share me. Regards,

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answered 2019-10-29 06:21:02 -0500

Der Momirmeister gravatar image


See 6.4.8 in PAGV1 and 5.2.1 & 6.3.16 in POM regarding LF.

See 16.2 in Models and 24.8 in PAGV2 regarding dynamic behavior.

Kind regards!

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