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Dynamic simulation CBEST Model Error

asked 2024-06-15 22:30:40 -0500

Manngo gravatar image

When I set CBEST Pgen AS 20MW , then I want to go initialize ,it would run erro as State K+3,please help me

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Can you show the load flow and dynamic data?

perolofl gravatar imageperolofl ( 2024-06-19 03:51:48 -0500 )edit

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answered 2024-06-19 12:39:34 -0500

KYC_Korea gravatar image

updated 2024-06-19 12:41:17 -0500

PSSE models require the STATE to be stabilized at initialization (DSTATE=0)

The 4th STATE (=K+3) of the CBEST is the 'Energy Output'.

If the CBEST has an initial output, there will be an Energy change because the CBEST's output is not zero initially. As a result, the STATE is not constant and DSTATE is not zero.

Your error message probably looks like this below

i dstate(i) state(i) model state bus# x-- name --x baskv id

num 0.2000 0.0000 CBEST K+3 busnum busname basekv id

Please refer to the link below Hope this helps you.

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