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Any default SVG model available in PSSE for reactive power compens

asked 2024-05-16 23:33:32 -0500

anonymous user


How do I model the static var generator in PSSE . Is there any availability inbuilt model SVG

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answered 2024-05-28 08:29:41 -0500

Alex P gravatar image

updated 2024-05-28 08:30:50 -0500

There are a few SVG models from PTI: CSVGN1, CSVGN3, CSVGN4. But I would use the WECC-developed models: SVSMO1T2 or SVSMO2T2 (also in the model library). You can find additional documentation for them with a web search for "WECC SVSMO" and look at the document on

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Asked: 2024-05-16 23:33:32 -0500

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