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Help understanding psspy.bsys

asked 2024-03-22 13:59:44 -0500

gabriel_ipu gravatar image

I've this line of an .py file that i can't understand what it is doing, what zone or area is selecting. Can someone help me ? } The code: psspy.bsys(1,0,[0.0,0.0],2,[1,-120],0,[],0,[],0,[])

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answered 2024-03-22 18:58:43 -0500

perolofl gravatar image

Figure 2 means that two area numbers are given in the following area list. A negative area number defines a range.

I.e. [1,-120] select all areas from 1 up to 120.

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Asked: 2024-03-22 13:59:44 -0500

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