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BESS reactive power output control

asked 2024-03-18 13:46:31 -0500

Zhnoob gravatar image

Hello everyone, I am tring to use REGCA1 and REECCU1 to model the BESS.

Now I am using BESS to inject active power, but when I observe the output on the branch, It also exist reactive power injection. In order to observe the influence of the active power injection to the system, Is it possible to use the BESS only for injection of active power without reactive power injection ?

I have checked the "WECC Battery Storage Dynamic Modeling Guideline" but it seems to introduced only how the reactive power from loadflow influence the Iqcmd at the REECCU1 output.

If there is anything to take a look or any suggestion will be much appreciate! Thanks!

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answered 2024-03-22 09:00:55 -0500

Alex P gravatar image

First, make sure the Q output is set to zero in load flow.
You can set the activation thresholds to very 'wide' values so that Fault Ride Through Mode isn't entered. E.g set REECCU1 J+0 to 0 [puV] and J+1 to 2 [puV]. There are probably some other settings to change as well...refer to the MODELS entry in the manual.
Also, if you don't want reactive current injection, what do you expect the dynamic model to do, and why are you using a dynamic model? You could just use a negative load with MW only. The post-fault MW recovery profile would be greatly simplified, but the setup would be very easy.

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