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psspy.strt and psspy.strt_2 not working

asked 2024-03-13 18:08:31 -0500

SAI_PK gravatar image

updated 2024-03-13 18:43:27 -0500


I am running a dynamic simulation(FRT study). I was using pyscripter, when I debugged the code, I found that at "psspy.strt" command the code stops abruptly after adding all DLLs. I checked the API and updated the code to "psspy.strt_2" but still that issue is not solved.

Has anyone faced this issue before, any leads or suggestions would be appreciated


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answered 2024-03-14 05:24:12 -0500

perolofl gravatar image

Check the error code from the API:

ierr = psspy.strt_2(options, outfile)
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Asked: 2024-03-13 18:08:31 -0500

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