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Automate short circuit current calculations in PSSE

asked 2024-01-29 10:36:49 -0600

bikiran1991 gravatar image

I want to automate the process of getting the fault current (at the faulted bus). I know that I can use psspy.ascc_3(), but it generates a report, either to the progress window, or to any redirected file. Is there any way to directly get the fault current using psspy, without having to parse the data from the ASCC report?

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answered 2024-01-29 17:11:45 -0600

jconto gravatar image

Use module pssarrays (or replacement module arrbox) to run faults and create results in dictionary format. Specific keyworks will help extracting data like (code below is modified from a related answer posted at "Retrieve ASCC result and process it in Python" by @perolofl):

 # - run in PSSe GUI
import pssarrays'savnw.sav')
psspy.bsys(0,0,[ 1., 500.],0,[],1,154,0,[],0,[])
rlst = pssarrays.ascc_currents(0,0,flt3ph=1)
f3ph = rlst.flt3ph[0].ia1
z1 = rlst.thevz[0].z1

To know what keywords to use on the 'rlst' variable, check the post "Where can i find the different functions that I can use to export data from PSSE to excel?" and apply it to the module 'arrbox'

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