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PTIutils.dll not found PSS/E34.2

asked 2024-01-06 05:05:31 -0600

gbspym gravatar image

Hi, i´m having this message when i try to run PSS (installed in a newer computer). I´ve seen that is a problem that has been corrected in newer versions, but i´d rather not to update seen this version is what i´ve been using normally in my older computer. I want to know if there is a solution for this to avoid update.

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answered 2024-01-06 10:48:24 -0600

perolofl gravatar image

Have you tried to copy the file from the old computer to the correct folder on the new computer?

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Hi, thnks for answering. Already try and it didn't work. i think it`s a problem that can be solved with windows configuration, or changing my windows

gbspym gravatar imagegbspym ( 2024-01-08 04:53:48 -0600 )edit

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