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3 winding transformer loss of all winding

asked 2023-12-22 08:02:50 -0500

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How to get loss of all winding of three winding transformer

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answered 2023-12-25 16:07:38 -0500

jbarberia gravatar image

In order to get the losses of the transformer you can sum the incoming flows like this:

bus_number = [3000, 3112, 3201]
ickt = "1"

flows = []
for i in range(3):
    ierr, flow = psspy.wnddt2(
        bus_number[i % 3],
        bus_number[(i + 1) % 3],
        bus_number[(i + 2) % 3],

losses = sum(flows)

If you want the losses of an specific winding, the subsystem data retrieval API has the function awndreal with the string "PLOSS" and "QLOSS". Finally, the function awndint and awndchar can help you to make a tabular data structure.

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Asked: 2023-12-22 08:02:50 -0500

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