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DTHRESH value in the relay model DPDTR1

asked 2023-11-13 04:58:59 -0600

rahmed gravatar image

How to select the DTHRESH value, derivative threshold (>0)(MW/sec.) in the relay model DPDTR1?

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answered 2023-11-13 16:44:28 -0600

perolofl gravatar image

The model will trip a selected line whenever the rate of change of the active power on the monitored line (IBUS, JBUS, ID) is larger than X MW/s during a given number of time steps. The power must also be larger than the threshold given in CON(J+3).

It is up to you to select a proper value for your application. Enter a small value to disable the derivative criterion and only use the power limit criterion for tripping.

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Asked: 2023-11-13 04:58:59 -0600

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