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Here's what I did:

  1. Find All buses
  2. Find In-Service buses
  3. Calculate Out-of-service buses using steps 1,2
  4. Create subsystem of out-of-service buses
  5. Find all in-service branches attached to subsystem

To test it, I created a system with 4 InService buses, 4 out-of-service buses, and a branch between every bus pair.

1. Find all buses

I'm abusing the basekv filter below just to select all buses.

# Find all buses
sid = 1
ierr = psspy.bsys(sid=sid, usekv=1, basekv=[0,1000]) 
ierr, all_buses = psspy.abusint(sid=sid, 
                                string=["NUMBER"], flag=2)
all_buses = all_buses[0]

2. Find in-service buses

# Find in-service buses
ierr, in_service_buses = psspy.abusint(sid=sid, string=["NUMBER"], flag=1)
in_service_buses = in_service_buses[0]

3. Calculate out-of-service buses

Steps 1-3 are just to find the out-of-service buses. It seems like a lot of work, but I couldn't find a better way.

# Find not in-service buses
out_service_buses = list(set(all_buses) - set(in_service_buses))

4. Subsystem with only out-of-service buses

# Make a subsystem from out-of-service buses
sid = 2
ierr = psspy.bsys(sid=sid, numbus=len(out_service_buses), 

5. InService Branches on subsystem

# Find in-service, non-transformer branches
ierr, branches = psspy.abrnint(sid=sid, string=["FROMNUMBER", "TONUMBER"], 
                               flag=1, ties=3)

6. Check your work

# Report
for i in range(len(branches[0])):
    print "There's a problem with branch from %s to %s" % (branches[0][i],

And you should get something like:

There's a problem with branch from 1 to 10
There's a problem with branch from 1 to 11
There's a problem with branch from 1 to 12
There's a problem with branch from 2 to 10